All of the teachers that work in this company are university graduates and native speakers of the English language, all being citizens of English-speaking countries. The director, James Nuss, is a native of the United States of America and graduate of the Faculty of Languages and Linguistics of Georgetown University in Washington D.C.


We believe that the teaching of a language cannot be limited to the classroom or to the teaching of grammar and structures, but rather that each student needs to receive exposure to the Anglo-Saxon culture as a fundamental part of his/her language acquisition.


In today’s age, mastering the English language is essential in order to advance in any undertaking. Nevertheless, not everyone has the same study priorities or learning objectives. Our teaching methodology is designed to focus on the particular needs of each student.


In order to assure comfort and convenience, the courses are given at the students’ companies. Our study plans are designed to comply with the developmental objectives of Human Resources and management in order to optimize corporate objectives.

Work method

We are a company dedicated to the teaching of the English language, whose course structure and teaching methodology are based on the personalized needs of Spanish-speaking professionals and business people.

We have been active in the Argentine market for more than 25 years, giving both individual and group courses to companies and institutions from various professional fields.

Our goal is to offer you the most direct path to the realization of your objectives.

The director carries out an in-depth interview with each student or group in order to define language level and learning profiles. Upon completion, the director selects the most suitable teacher and composes study plans, which are specifically designed to satisfy the students’ needs and fulfill their objectives.

Modifications in the course plan and methodology will be made in accordance with course development and performance. The progress of each student is constantly supervised through periodical evaluations. Further practice can be carried out in the field of Listening Comprehension by teachers from different English-speaking countries, thereby exposing the students to the pronunciation and idiomatic expressions that are typical of different countries and regions.

Students of group courses also receive individualized attention.


How long will it take for me to be able to speak English confidently and correctly?
The personalized design of the courses allows students to begin applying their new knowledge to spoken and written English in an extremely brief period of time. A certain degree of effort and study on the part of the student will certainly accelerate this process.
What is the advantage of studying at Enterprise English Consultancy?
The comparative advantage of our company is that each student can orient his/her learning to his/her specific needs. We offer a teaching methodology that accelerates the achievement of each student’s personal objectives because they are targeted directly.
How many hours of class should I take per week?
The number of class hours recommended will vary according to the availability of the student. The courses are designed not to interrupt the professional lives of the students, but rather to complement them. In reference to the in-company group classes, the regimen caters to the needs of the company and the possibilities of the students.
Does Enterprise English Consultancy work with any particular text?
The study material will vary according to the course. The director of the company personally writes much of the material used throughout the course. The Enterprise English Consultancy team puts together a study plan which will be carried out according to the needs of the student. This plan will be presented to the student or to the director of the company before the course begins. The plan is versatile and subject to changes, depending on the development and progress of the course.
Where are the classes given?
In order to offer students the greatest degree of comfort and convenience, the teachers will give their classes at the companies or private homes of the students.


This company was founded and is directed by James Nuss, a native of the United States and a graduate of the Georgetown Faculty of Languages and Linguistics.

He has dedicated much of his career teaching in different countries, having worked in Washington D.C., Tokyo and Buenos Aires.

The teachers who make up the Enterprise English Consultancy team are all professionals that have been carefully selected in order to guarantee a pinnacle level of teaching. They are all natives of English-speaking countries, thereby assuring that the students will have direct contact, not only with the language, but also with the fine points of Anglo-Saxon culture.

Having a completely native English-speaking staff assures perfection in pronunciation and diction. Another advantage is that the students can enjoy a constant exchange with the customs and idiomatic expressions present in English-speaking countries. These are qualities that will not typically appear in traditional language textbooks.

Within the staff, there are teachers who specialize in teaching beginners as well as intermediate and advanced-level students. We also have team members who specialize in various technical aspects of the language.

Some of our clients

BNP Paribas, Deloitte, Drager, FB&A, GlobalMind, Griensu, Intile, MetLife, Russell, Fresenius

Specialized courses

SPECIAL TRAINING, designed to acquire skills or knowledge in order to reach a concrete and immediate communicational objective.


Acquisition of idiomatic expressions, colloquial language and cultural knowledge. Practice of situations that are common to the English-speaking world of Business.


Development of techniques in both written and spoken English, directed at the world of commerce, marketing, socialization and networking.


Instruction of international Law terms and exploration of the Common Law system.


Analysis of typical errors so that they will not be repeated. They are corrected once and forever.


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